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1.11 Borders

Some containers allow your views to have borders set. When the view is placed inside the container, additional space will be reserved around the view for the borders; that space will be left intentionally blank.

The container will call -autolayoutDefaultHorizontalBorder of the view to get its (default) horizontal border, and -autolayoutDefaultVerticalBorder to get its (default) vertical border.

You can later change the borders manually by calling the appropriate method of the container, such as -setHorizontalBorder:forView: for boxes.

Renaissance AutoLayout adds a category to NSView, implementing the following methods:

The default implementation of those methods in NSView returns 4 for both of them. Containers and spaces have implementations of those methods returning 0 for both of them.

Unless you are looking for special effects (or for trouble), you generally don't need to modify borders.