GNUstep Developer Meeting at Fosdem 2003

The event

A GNUstep developer meeting will be held on 8-9 February 2003 in Bruxelles (Belgium), during Fosdem 2003. Fosdem is the annual Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting, and provides a natural framework for GNUstep developers to meet.

Nicola Pero and Nicolas Roard are organizing the meeting. The Fosdem organizators have confirmed that we will have a room to hold the meeting; the room will be available from Saturday at 2pm.


Why you want to be there

You want to be there to meet the GNUstep developers in person.

The first GNUstep developer meeting, held during Fosdem 2002, has been a success. GNUstep developers, programmers, users, fans, and curious had an occasion to meet and talk in a very friendly and informal atmosphere.

We hope to repeat this succesful experience during Fosdem 2003.

The focus of the meeting is more on meeting each other, rather than on formal conferences, but we still plan to organize a small agenda of talks about interesting GNUstep topics, to be held by major developers and contributors. They can be a starting point for further discussions, or simply an occasion to learn more about specific GNUstep topics. Stay tuned on these pages for more info.

We'd also like to invite a wider public to our talks and conferences, but that's not necessarily easy.

Who will attend the meeting

One of the main reasons people attend the meeting is that you can meet, and talk directly to, other developers, whom you would otherwise meet only virtually (on mailing lists, emails, newsgroups, irc etc). We expect many lead developers and contributors to be present, so if you have never met them, you can't miss this occasion!

The following is a list of people of GNUstep fame (in alphabetical order) who have confirmed (or denied) that they will be able to join us at the GNUstep meeting at Fosdem 2003:

NamePresenceSpecial comments
Stefan Boehringer Yes Yes 
Martin Brecher Yes Yes 
Gregory J. Casamento No No 
Frederic De Jaeger No No 
Adam Fedor No No 
Richard Frith-Macdonald Yes Yes 
Manuel Guesdon No No 
Helge Hess Yes Yes 
Tom Koelman Yes Yes 
Jonathan B. Leffert No No 
Ludovic Marcotte No No 
Marcus Mueller Yes Yes 
Willem Rein Oudshoorn Yes Yes 
Nicola Pero Yes Yes 
Pierre-Yves Rivaille Yes Yes 
Nicolas Roard Yes Yes 
Gerold Rupprecht Yes Yes 
Marco Scheurer Yes YesIf not Marco, someone else from Sen:te
Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf Yes Yes 
Bjoern Stierand Yes Yes 
Serg Stoyan No No 
Stefan Urbanek No No 
Fabien Vallon Yes Yes 

Unfortunately, Adam Fedor (who is from the US, a long way from Bruxeless) will not be able to physically attend the meeting this year.

If you plan to join us at the meeting, please let us know by sending an email to! I'll add your name to the list, and count you in. Knowing how many people will attend will help us in organizing the event, and will encourage other people to join.

What will happen at the meeting

We have planned a few (quite informal) presentations on specific subjects, and ample space for open discussion (and unorganized chatting) between developers.

The main GNUstep event will take place on Saturday 8 February; the following is the schedule of the event:

Saturday 8 February 2003:

2pm Free meeting and unorganized chatting
3pm Presentation: Helge Hess talks about "Skyrix-xml: SAX, DOM, XML-RPC and GNUstep" (expected to last around half an hour)
3:45pm Presentation: Nicola Pero talks about "Renaissance: the new portable XML GUI framework for GNUstep" (expected to last around half an hour)
4.30pm Presentation: Stefan Boehringer talks about "A linux clustering project built using GNUstep" (expected to last around 20 minutes)
5pm Open Discussion about GNUstep present state and future (chairman: Richard Frith-Macdonald)

We are looking forward to meeting you at fosdem!


If you have any comments or suggestions for the organization of the event, please let us know by writing to and/or Thanks - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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