What is JIGS ?

JIGS stands for Java Interface for GnuStep. It is a package allowing integration between Java and Objective-C. The main purpose of JIGS is to allow Java programmers to use the GNUstep libraries from Java.

How does JIGS works ?

JIGS is more than a set of bindings for GNUstep from Java; JIGS takes advantage of the fact that Objective-C and Java are very similar languages to make it possible to use Objective-C classes from Java using exactly the same API (and vice versa). You have to learn the GNUstep API only once, and then you can use it both from Objective-C and from Java in the same way! Moreover, JIGS can generate automatically wrappers for your own Objective-C GNUstep libraries.

JIGS allows you to write optimized classes and components in Objective-C, and make them available to Java developers. In the typical configuration, fast Objective-C components and libraries are used in the backend, and JIGS is used to integrate them smoothly in a Java front-end. Moving from one language to the other is as easy as it can possibly be with two different languages.

Who can use JIGS ?

JIGS is free software and part of the GNU project, freely available from the Free Software Foundation under the GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPL) version 2.1.